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The terms and conditions came into force on November 26, 2019

Please read the Employer Terms of Use (hereinafter “the Terms”) carefully before using the http://silajobs.com.ng/ Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). If you want to become our user,

you must read and accept these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not use the Site.


1.1. These Terms are a legally binding agreement between you and the employer seeking a worker (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) – and the owner of the Site – the Company SilaJobs is a subsidiary of Silahub Technologies RC 2706189», legally registered at CAC (hereinafter – “SILAJOBS.COM.NG”).

1.2. These Terms govern the mutual rights and obligations of the Company and SILAJOBS.COM.NG to use the Site and the services provided with its assistance.

1.3. These Terms are a public offer and are considered to be the Company’s full acceptance upon affirmation of the “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service” electronic ticker when using the Site.

1.4. General understanding of the terminology used in the provision of SILAJOBS.COM.NG services: Unlimited Access to Resume Database – A service that allows the search engines to open contacts in the database on the site https://silajobs.com.ng/. The period during which the service is provided is chosen by the client independently when choosing a service. If the “Unlimited access to the CV database” service is included in the composition batch offer, then the term of such access is one month from the date of activation of the corresponding batch offer. If multiple packages are activated within the same validity period the total amount of contact opening limit, as well as the time to access the CV database, is not added up.  In this case, the deadline for accessing the CV database is set to the maximum date expiration of activated packages.

Any service called “Unlimited Access to Resume Database” or with the same phrase in the title the service used by the Company includes the following views:

  • no more than 300 contacts per day;

  • no more than 700 contacts per week;

  • A total of no more than 2,100 contacts per month.

Warning. If the number of views specified in this item is exceeded, and in the case of using any software that helps in viewing the summary database or an individual group of contacts that resides in such summary database on the Site, the Company’s activity will be recognized as suspicious or the Company will be found to be in breach of paragraph 3.9 of the Terms of Use for employers. In such a case, SILAJOBS.COM.NG reserves the right to terminate the Company’s access to Site and terminate any further cooperation without imposing any on SILAJOBS.COM.NG penalties.


2.1. With the help of the SILAJOBS.COM.NG Website, companies can:

(1) post jobs that will be viewable to all users of the Site, and receive job feedback from Site users;

(2) find a resume in a resume database by different criteria, namely: by sections-spheres activity, by profession, by city, as well as by search queries;

(3) receive by email a list of CVs that may be of interest to the Company;

(4) target mailing of their vacancies to the Site Search Engine;

(5) improve the Company profile on the Site by designing a profile incorporate style, as well as the Company logo on the Site.

2.2. Services of the Site are paid. Payment for services is made in accordance with Section 5 of these Terms.

2.3. The order of rendering of services provided by clauses 4, 5, and also order of rendering of other services the promotional character is additionally governed by the Public Offering information and advertising services available on the Site at http://silajobs.com.ng/.


3.1. To use all the functionality and services of the Company’s Site is necessary to sign up. Your use of the Services of the Site and registration on the Site means complete and unconditional acceptance of these Terms.

3.2. Only business entities – legal entities or entities – are allowed to register as Company

individual entrepreneurs. Private individuals may not be registered as a Company (self-employed non-entrepreneur).

3.3. In order to successfully register on the Site, the Company must complete the appropriate registration form – Company profile. To do this, fill in the following fields:

  • Company name. In this field, you must specify the actual company name that corresponds to the name of the extract from the Unified CAC Register or corporate domain. It is forbidden to include the name of a company that does not exist, the name of another company, an abbreviation, trademark without the company name. The following sequence should be used: [company name], [organizational law] form], [other constituent names]. For example Fortuna, LTD, PLC, an advertising agency.

  • Region. In this field, you must select in which region the Company’s head office is located.

  • Description of the Company. This field should describe the essence of the Company’s activities, as well as it is possible to specify the address of the Company’s social media site or page. The description of the Company cannot exceed 255 characters.

  • The number of employees. This field must specify the number of persons employed by Companies in Nigeria.

  • Contact details. This field is required to provide a landline phone number to contact your office (including city code), last name, first name, patronymic and the position of the person who registers the Company profile.

  • The Company may also post its logo upon registration on the Settings page profile »in the following formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP. The logo file size is up to 5 MB 5

The completed fields in the account registration form should not contradict each other. In addition,

the information provided in the fields should correspond to the information on the Company’s website.

3.4. When registering on the Site, the Company has no right to:

  • use someone else’s address, email or address that the Company does not use has rights;

  • create multiple accounts on the Site;

  • use the Website to distribute promotional material;

  • Post job posting ads in the form of job openings or company staff, partnerships, and collaborations, and training courses, lectures or workshops;

  • Post offensive, deliberately false information as well as information that it can harm the users of the Site and violate their rights;

  • post information that is contrary to what is concluded and properly ratified international treaties of Nigeria, the applicable law of Nigeria, as well as announcements, related to gambling (except where activities related to the organization, by conducting and providing access to gambling, is carried out in the country where gambling is not forbidden), financial pyramids, religious sects, the occult, and erotic services.

3.5. The registration is not allowed:

  • companies using “pyramid” schemes;

  • Clubs, dating sites and marriage agencies;

  • companies offering intimate services and intimate services and/or activities which are in any way related to production, broadcasting or relaying erotic, pornographic photos, videos or audio;

  • religious sects and organizations providing occult services;

  • companies offering money through webcams, chats, forums, etc., if any activity is contrary to the current legislation of Nigeria;

  • companies that offer earnings by writing coursework, diploma, control work and advice on writing them; 

  • companies that have submitted registration documents that do not comply with Nigerian law, and also, documents issued by unrecognized persons in Nigeria;

  •  companies promoting war, national enmity, change through violence Nigerian’s constitutional system or territorial integrity, in particular, is openly supported activities of illegal armed groups, occupation troops, and militants and mercenaries in Nigeria.

3.6. SILAJOBS.COM.NG monitors the IP addresses of Companies when working with the Site and in the event There is a doubt about the use of the same IP address by other Site Companies the right without prior notice, in its sole discretion, to block the use of the Site to the Company to eliminate doubts.

3.7. In addition, in case of doubt as to the lawfulness of the actions of the Company SILAJOBS.COM.NG is entitled to request a copy of an extract from the Unified CAC Register and a license for a particular activity The company, as well as your vision to remove, block, or modify Company information.

3.8. The staff of SILAJOBS.COM.NG adheres to the principles of mutual respect and understanding. If

The companies are not behaving properly against the employees of SILAJOBS.COM.NG, SILAJOBS.COM.NG is entitled to close access to job postings based on the assumption that the Company may be acting incorrectly with job applicants.

3.9. Companies are prohibited in any way from collecting information from the website summary

http://silajobs.com.ng/ and/or contact details of users of the http://silajobs.com.ng/ website for the transmission of the information thus collected to third parties.

3.10. Companies are prohibited from using the summary database at http://silajobs.com.ng/ and/or contact details of http://silajobs.com.ng/ users for sending unrelated SMS messages with employment within the company/institution/ organization of the Company.

3.11. In the event of non-compliance with these obligations, breach of these Terms or current Nigerian law, SILAJOBS.COM.NG has the right to take all necessary steps to end the infringement including temporarily blocking the Company access to the Site. SILAJOBS.COM.NG has the right not to explain the reasons for blocking your Company account.


4.1. To post a job on the Site, the Company must complete an appropriate form on the Site, following simple recommendations.

4.2. The vacancy announcement must contain information about only one vacancy. The company cannot run multiple identical ads (ads that have the same meaning content).

4.3. All form fields must be completed according to their name and purpose, according to the rules of spelling, punctuation, stylistics and without redundancy.

4.4. In the “Name” field it is necessary to specify the job title: the first letter – capital, the other – lowercase. The job title should match the title of the job and should not contain unnecessary information (for example, “Manager with equipment sales, not “Urgent! Work for a large company “or” Accountant (incomplete employment)”). The job title must be written in one language.

4.5. In the field “Job description” it is necessary to fully describe the essence of the offer. Required indicate job responsibilities, requirements for the applicant and working conditions. The job description must match its name. The vacancy test must be written in one language, the duplicate text is not allowed jobs in different languages. Mechanical transmission of text or individual words through is prohibited transliteration.

4.6. In the Heading field, select a heading that corresponds to the job function and not the field of activity Companies. For example, when placing a lawyer’s job in an insurance company, you need to select a heading Lawyers / Lawyers / Notaries, not the Insurance section. SILAJOBS.COM.NG reserves the right. at its sole discretion, change the job placement options under the heading without notifying the Company.

4.7. The field “Salary level” must be filled in if the salary level (rate) in the position is known

If not, leave this field blank. Payment is indicated for a month’s work and only in NGN according to the current legislation of Nigeria.

4.8. In the “States” field it is necessary to specify the state where the vacancy is open. Thus, one vacancy can specify only one location. If the Company needs to place several similar jobs in different regions – you need to create a separate job for each region. If vacancy involves remote employment – you can specify any state (vacancy will be visible users from that state). Also, if the employer guarantees free of charge residing or vacancy may involve moving from one state to another – the state of placement may be any.

4.9. Vacancy announcements from stockbrokers (such as FOREX) and offer financial services in this area, published only on paid terms.

4.10. Terms of employment announcement from companies that: 

  • engage in activities on the cryptocurrency exchange;

  • is the subject of cryptocurrency transactions;

  • Develop software (software) for cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency entities;

  • provide information and education services for cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency subjects;

  • provide advertising, analytical and information services for cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency entities agree with the administration of the site.

4.11. All vacancies will be viewable to all users and visitors of the Site, as well as information about the Company that posted this particular job. Where the Company wants post vacancies anonymously, SILAJOBS.COM.NG provides an anonymous job posting service. Creating an anonymous vacancy will hide the Company name.

4.12. Placements that offer job vacancies are not allowed related:

  • the provision of intimate services and/or intimate services

  • producing, broadcasting, relaying erotic, pornographic photos, videos, or audio materials;

  • with the activity of the model, the dancer, if the employee of SILAJOBS.COM.NG has reason to refuse in job placement (for such jobs, the employer is obliged to provide corporate email);

  • Consumption – Work related to serving visitors to bars and restaurants so that visitors spend as much money as possible (stimulating demand)

  • Religious sects and occult services;

  • able to make money through webcams, chats, forums, etc., if such activity contradicts current legislation of Nigeria, including work that involves the sending of spam (mass electronic mailings);

  • able to make money on the Internet if their activity contradicts current legislation of Nigeria;

  • with franchising network marketing or “pyramid” schemes;

  • Dating clubs, dating sites and marriage agencies;

  • able to earn money by writing coursework, diploma and control works, and advice on writing them;

  • Investing in any projects and enabling quick enrichment;

  • with a job offer in a partner company;

  • donating genetic material;

  • able to make money through political agitation.

4.13. In addition, job postings of this type are not allowed:

  • job offers that are not relevant to the Company’s field of activity;

  • Promotional advertisements, non-cooperative offer employment;

  • Ads that offer paid phone numbers as well as ads that require payment from the Site’s users for employment;

  • vacancies with a remote job offer without providing the necessary contact information;

  • Vacancies of paid volunteers. If a fee is provided for services, the job title must be different;

  • Vacancies containing information contrary to the legislation of Nigeria;

  • Vacancies of commercial organizations on behalf of government agencies and non-profit organizations

  • Jobs containing offensive, knowingly false information or information that may harm the users of the Site and violate their rights, including unreliable one's information about the proposed position or the essence of the Company’s activities.

4.14. An employer who indicates any discriminatory restrictions in the job posting: (for example, by age for candidates, offers job opportunities only to women or only men, puts forward requirements that favor female or male gender, race, color, requirements for political, religious and other beliefs, membership in trade unions, or other associations of citizens, ethnic and social origin, property status, place of residence, by language or other characteristics), and requires candidates to have personal information, does so at his own risk and confirms that he is aware of the requirements of current legislation (in particular, with Chapter 3, paragraph 1, Act 2014 of  Employment & Labour Law Of Nigeria CONSTITUTION “About Advertising”).

4.15. All vacancies placed on the Site are checked by the administration of the Site. SILAJOBS.COM.NG reserves the right to make changes and corrections to the title and text of the vacancy for the purpose of promoting the effectiveness of the job postings, including can remove unnecessary information from the name and text of the ad, leaving the essence of the proposal. SILAJOBS.COM.NG may contact the Company from please describe in detail in the vacancy text any sections, including the requirements for the candidate, job responsibilities, working conditions and more.

4.16. In addition, SILAJOBS.COM.NG has the right not to allow any posting on the Site that contradicts these Terms and Conditions of Nigeria. In the event of a material breach of these Terms, SILAJOBS.COM.NG shall temporarily suspend job posting with reasons in the Company account (at the discretion of SILAJOBS.COM.NG).


5.1. SILAJOBS.COM.NG publishes a list of its services on the Site, including a description of such services and information about their value. The Company has the right to order and receive the services of SILAJOBS.COM.NG, by selecting the desired service on the Site.

5.2. The company is obliged to pay for the services of SILAJOBS.COM.NG. Payment is made in cashless form by bank transfer or Visa, MasterCard.

5.3. Payment is made by the Company to the account of SILAJOBS.COM.NG and is considered to be made at the time cash flow to SILAJOBS.COM.NG

5.4. If your Company account is suspended, no payments for the services actually provided are coming back.


6.1. All components of the Site and the Site as a whole are owned and protected by SILAJOBS.COM.NG legislation in the field of intellectual property rights. All rights reserved.

6.2. Company acknowledges and agrees that all content and materials available on the Site, protected, including, but not limited to, copyright, trademarks, a trade secret. Reproduction, copying or distribution for commercial purposes of any materials or elements of the Site without the prior permission of SILAJOBS.COM.NG are strictly prohibited.

6.3. In addition, the Company grants SILAJOBS.COM.NG an indefinite non-exclusive right to publicly display Company-owned trademarks for goods and services and/or logos by posting them on the Site.


7.1. The Company agrees to use the Site as-is. SILAJOBS.COM.NG does not warrant that the Site operates will be continuous, error-free and free from malware or other defects. If The Company is not satisfied with the terms and/or quality of the Site, it may terminate the use of the Site or contact the Site Support: support@silajobs.com.ng

7.2. SILAJOBS.COM.NG shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the breach of the Site as a result of its use or inability to use the Company.

7.3. SILAJOBS.COM.NG is not responsible for the content of the materials published by the Company as well as for facts of the Company’s violation of Chapter 3, paragraph 1, Act 2014 of  Employment & Labour Law Of Nigeria CONSTITUTION “About Advertising”).


8.1. For failure to perform or improperly fulfill your obligations under these Terms, the parties to these Terms are responsible in accordance with the current legislation of Nigeria.

8.2. The Company undertakes not to violate or attempt to violate these Terms. If

SILAJOBS.COM.NG will determine in its sole discretion that the User has violated or attempted to violate these Terms, then Company access to the Site may be terminated.

8.3. The Company agrees to release and secure SILAJOBS.COM.NG from any claims or claims against by any third parties in connection with or as a result of the Company’s breach of these Terms and Conditions legislation of Nigeria or the rights of third parties.


9.1. SILAJOBS.COM.NG has the right to make changes or additions to these Terms at any time without any special notice by posting a new revision of the Terms on the Site. The new revision of the Terms shall become effective upon its posting on the Site unless otherwise provided by the new revision of the Terms.

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact the Site Support: support@silajobs.com.ng


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